Neymar Jr.

PSG beats Amiens for the Coupe de La Ligue

This Wednesday (10), PSG defeated Amiens by 2-0, qualifying themselves and securing their place in the championship’s semifinal. Neymar Jr. scored on a penalty and Rabiot swung the net to close the victory.

First half –

PSG were absolute on the pitch at the beginning of the first half. After eight minutes, Draxler created a play with Meunier, near the opposing area, leaving Neymar Jr. in the face of the goal, but the goalkeeper blocked the shot. At 13, the German appeared again trying to put a good pass to the number 10, but the defenders caught the pitch. Amiens defended themselves well, but PSG's attack did not give their opponent a break.

At 22 minutes, Di María received from Verratti, who found Mbappé invading the area on the right. The French gave a good shot, but sent it scraping out. In response, Manzala received on the left, in counterattack, trying to launch, but Trapp got the ball. But at 33, Amiens had his goalkeeper expelled. Upon receiving the ball from the right, Mbappé received a dangerous kick Gutner.

With one player less, it was difficult for Amiens to handle PSG's attack power, but they did. After a few chances of lost goals, both teams left the pitch after the referee's whistle.

Second half –

After seven minutes, Di Maria arranges a beautiful pass for Neymar Jr., who is knocked over by Monconduit inside the area. The player charges with class and opens the score at the Coupe de La Ligue. After nearly 10 minutes, Neymar Jr. fired the ball to Mbappé, but the ball bounced off the post.

The game crossed the 20 minutes and PSG scared the Amiens fans, with chances behind chances, getting closer to the second goal. At 27, Mbappé tried an individual move near the area, leaving the ball with Rabiot, who sent it out. At 30, the PSG caused danger again, after a corner-kick that placed the ball in the head of Marquinhos, who also threw it out.

But after trying so hard, the third goal came, in the 33rd minute. Di María took another corner-kick, but this time it was Rabiot who went up and scored for the team. After the goal, Amiens looked tired, having difficulties to mark PSG’s attack and opening many spaces. Even so, PSG did not make any more goals, but secured their place in the semifinal.