Neymar Jr.

Nike launches #VemJunto campaign

Nike created a campaign so you can run with your friends and with Neymar Jr. The brand’s new campaign, called #VemJunto, will be released in Brazil to encourage people to do sports. Barça’s number 11 is part of the campaign, appearing in one of the released videos.

The campaign was designed with the intention of urging people to run. Through the website or the mobile app, a set of friends can contribute to the campaign by creating a running group. The action will also serve as the official support campaign for Nike, at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Neymar Jr. appears in one of the videos, running through the streets, inviting people to do the same. You can sign up at Nike + Run Club of Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, or download the app of the same name . Will you just stand still? Move, get up and start running!