Neymar Jr.

Nike launches new Neymar Jr. collection "Ousadia e Alegria"

The renowned artist and Brazilian designer, Bruno Carneiro Mosciaro, better known as Bruno Big, designed the new collection "Ousadia e Alegria”, from Nike, to Neymar Jr., bringing the motto of the FC Barcelona’s number 11 to his feet, in a design created to reflect the player’s personality.

"I associate 'Joy' with the two things I love most in life, playing football and the joy of living, and 'Boldness' to do something different and daring, what people do not expect to see," said Neymar Jr.

Although the pattern is intentionally abstract, the placement of graphics is purposeful. In Boldness, fingers engage as if they were holding the boot. In Joy, the handle is in the center, which has contact with the ball.

"I created two different images, one for Boldness and another for Joy. There is a heart and a hand, so the idea is to give a direct message, and that's the interesting thing," said Bruno Big on the art that made up the collection.

His boots and the "Ousadia & Alegria" collection will be available in website, on February 2. Bruno Big also illustrated a white screen with a thousand boot boxes to celebrate the new model, personally delivering the first pair to Neymar Jr. The other 999 boxes will be available for sale exclusively for members of the Nike Football application.