Neymar Jr.

Nike and Neymar Jr. challenge Brazilians to break their limits

Brazil will soon be the sports center of the world and Rio the capital of the biggest international athletes. To celebrate the Olympic vibe, Nike and Neymar Jr. are inviting, not only the Olympic participants, but also every Brazilian out there to break their limits with the Potential Without Limits campaign.

Neymar Jr. knows that to fight for the golden medal and conquer he needs to break his limit. If you want to inspire yourself in the player and motivate your friends to do the same, Nike prepared an innovative support online and offline for you.

From day four to August 21, the physical activities at Nike+ Run Club and Nike+ Training Club, in many regions in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, will share special trainings. Personalized activities for before the start of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, celebration of the Olympic marathon, the finals of the Olympic and much more will take place around this time.

In São Paulo, the club will reunite on the weekends exploring new routes and in Rio’s center, the costumer will be able to experience new things on the Rio Sem Limites space, that will be open from August five until 21. To find out more about the details and understand how the inscription process will be, check out Nikes site and break your limits!