Neymar Jr.

Neymar's father reveals conversation with his son about winning the Olympic Gold Medal: 'the goalposts seemed smaller'

Winning the unprecedented 'Olympic Gold Medal' in 2016 was one of the most beautiful stories of Brazilian football in past years. However, the backstage of that win is still a little known. On the new site about Neymar Jr´s 10-year career Anniversary (, Neymar da Silva Santos, the athlete´s father reveals that the son described that "the goalposts seemed smaller" and "the goalkeeper very big" seconds before kicking the decisive penalty. Coach Rogério Micale also recalls the moment.

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In an exclusive statement, the striker´s father gives details of the conversation he had with his son shortly after the dreamed gold medal. Neymar da Silva Santos said he questioned Neymar Jr about why he had chosen precisely the last penalty to kick.

"The responsibility for kicking the last penalty is mine, he [Neymar Jr] told me. If it was my responsibility up to then, Dad, it´s mine all the way to the end. I told him I was proud of him being like that, "recalls Neymar.

Although confident of the mission that lay before his feet on August 20, 2016 at the Maracanã stadium against Germany, Neymar Jr told his father about his thoughts on the way to the box. Check below the excerpt reproduced by the athlete's father.

"I'm going to tell you the truth: when it's the last one and I know I need to score the goal to win, I looked to the goal... It seemed like I couldn´t see the goal because of how small it looked, but I saw the goalkeeper very big. I walked towards the penalty spot, when I bow my head, I ask God to help me, give me peace and then kissed the ball. He tells me that he then looks up, at the goal and it is as if the goal had become very big and the goalkeeper very small. He looked up and said, 'I'm going to kick it there, because there's no way he can reach there.' Then the goal became very big” he says.

Coach Rogério Micale, who was standing on the edge of the field on that day, points out that at no moment he feared for the worst. "I was very confident because he practices a lot, he always practices a lot. When the ball gets to him, it gets to the person that can take it. When you see a person's condition to give you the answer you want, the tendency is for you to be calmer" he says.

"Neymar Jr on a penalty shootout is a specialist, he has personality, technique, practices for that moment. That is, I am in the hands of a specialist, so the probability of succeeding is much greater" adds Micale.

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