Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. takes part in Gillette’s event with the Desimpedidos channel

Still enjoying his last days of vacation before presenting himself to the Olympic Team, Neymar Jr. participated, this Friday (15), in an event from Gillette. With a live transmission through Facebook, the player sat beside the hosts of the Youtube channel, Desimpedidos, for a light interview.

Named as “Ney Boy’s Live”, the transmission had Fred, Felipe Andreoli and Bolívia Zica, from the Desimpedidos channel, besides the swimmer Thiago Pereira and NJr himself. The conversation was filled with a loto f sport, Olympic Games and humour.

During the event, Gillette showcased its new campaign called #PrecisionDoesn’tComeEasy and made a surprise to Neymar Jr., calling the athlete’s mom to deliver the golden balls from the ‘Gol Que Vale Ouro’ campaign. Also, an autographed FC Barcelona shirt, signed by the number 11 himself, was given at the end of the transmission.

By the end of the event, the two olympic athletes and the Desimpedidos hosts shaved their beards with Gillette’s shavers and said their goodbyes to the public. If you want to know eveyrthing that happened during the event, check it out here: