Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. scores four and PSG beats Dijon on the Ligue 1

First half –

PSG swallowed Dijon in the first half. After 3 minutes, Lo Celso created a beautiful play with Di María, which resulted in a goal from Argentinean, who opened the scoring at the Parc des Princes. At 14, Cavani dribbled the defenders and left the ball with Neymar Jr., who tried to dribble the goalkeeper and kick it to the goal, but the ball was heading out. Di María appeared through the right side, pushing it to the goal.

The time passed and Dijon did not appear in the game, giving spaces to PSG. On the 20th minute, in a counterattack, Di María appeared again to be decisive and launch for Cavani to enlarge the score. At 38, in one of the few chances of danger of the opposing team, Areola saved his squad with a beautiful defense.

But there was no way, the first time was PSG’s. At the 40th minute, after being knocked over near the area, Neymar Jr. skillfully scored a free-kick, making the fourth goal and finishing the first step.

Second half –

In the second half, Neymar Jr. almost left another, in an accelerated move with Cavani, who was barred by Reynett. But after 12 minutes, the star left his second goal. After a shot from Berchice, defended by the goalkeeper, the number 10 accelerated to swing the nets once again.

After the goal, PSG did not remove their foot off the accelerator, not letting Dijon breathe. After 28 minutes, Neymar Jr. emerged again, this time on the left side, passing from the rear and finding a space to score his first hat trick for PSG. Unsatisfied, the number 10 appeared to give assistance to Mbappé in the 32nd minute, in the seventh goal of the Parisian team.

When the massacre seemed to have come to an end, Cavani was knocked over inside the area. Neymar Jr. charged and left his fourth goal in the match. Without any room to continue the match, Dijon only defended themselves, until the whistle of the referee.