Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. met with one of his biggest fans: Ali Turganbekov

Paris Saint-Germain Foundation fulfilled the dream of some special children at the Bullion Hospital and they were able to meet some of the club's French athletes. At the training center, Neymar Jr. met Ali, one of his biggest fans.

Ali Turganbekov and his father Azamat Turganbekov are from Kazakhstan and were invited to attend a training session at Paris Saint-Germain, as they prepare to face Lille, on the Ligue 1 Conforama. Ali is a special child because he was born without both legs and dreamed of playing ball.

“My son’s name is Ali! He was born without both legs. Despite this, he likes football very much and one of his favorite players is Neymar.” said Azamat. The boy's father did everything to fulfill his son's dream, until he was helped by the PSG Foundation.

“I wrote messages to PSG Foundation and they answered, inviting us to Paris. We were very happy!”

During the meeting, Ali attended the training, played with Neymar Jr., Cavani, took pictures with the athletes and had fun. Azamat said that everything he did today was the realization of a dream. “My son has only two dreams. First, he dreams that his legs grow up. Second, he dreams of playing football with Neymar.”

After the meeting, wearing PSG's jersey, Ali sent a message to the club's number 10. “Hello, Neymar! You are my favorite player. I had a dream of meeting with you and play football. Today I met you and now this day is the best day in my life. Thank you so much!