Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. may become evenly matched with Xavi and Samitier in FC Barcelona’s artillery

Keeping a good rhythm in FC Barcelona, Neymar Jr. is almost becoming evenly matched with two great players in the number of goals. 24 years old only and with three seasons in Spain, Barça’s current number 11 is on the list of 30 best top scorers in the club’s history, in official games and he will soon be just like Xavi and Samitier.

With the goal he scored in the 5-0 rout against Espanyol, on this Spanish Championship’s last round, the player got to 84 goals in official games by the Catalan team. He, so far, is the 26º biggest top-scorer of the club in official games, right behind Xavi and Josep Samitier, both with 85 goals.

If NJr scores two more goals in this Sunday’s (15) match, against Granada, the Brazilian reaches the 23º, on a draw with Julio Salinas (86 goals). The athlete can also end the season as the third best top-scorer of La Liga, along with Messi, with 26 goals.

Check out the top FC Barcelona ten top-scorers in official games:

1 Messi 454

2 César Rodrigues 232

3 Kubala (HUN) 194

4 Eulogio Martínez (PAR) 168

5 Eto'o(CMR) 130

6 Rivaldo 130

7 Mariano Martín (ESP) 123

8 Josep Escolà (ESP) 123

9 Kluivert (HOL) 122

10 Carles Rexach (ESP) 122