Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. launches new website in celebration of his 10-year career

The new page gathers statements from people that lived and live with the player, exhibiting an exclusive chat between Ronaldo Fenômeno and Neymar Jr.


To celebrate Neymar Jr.’s 10-year professional career, NR Sports, the company that exclusively handles the player’s image management, launched on this Thursday (7), a special hotsite: New actions and content are being prepared and scheduled to take place in the coming months.


The portal, which will be used periodically until December, will highlight more than 30 exclusive interviews from characters that helped and are still helping to build the history of one of the most spectacular players in world football.


The material gathers exclusive videos from the family, trainers, teammates and journalists that witnessed the successful path walked by Neymar Jr. over this 10-year course. Visitors will also have access to never before seen backstage images, such as boots and jerseys worn by the player.


On the Half-Time board, each month – From March up to December – the internaut will be able to follow, through a partnership with OUTRO’s platform (Digital fan club with films and interviews of the biggest players in the world), an exclusive video of a chat between Neymar Jr. and a diferent person. The meetings will be a surprise and the athlete will only know who the guest is in the moment he opens his door. The first one who talked with the striker was the former football player Ronaldo Fenômeno.


On the hotsite, filled with visual elements and a wide variety of multimedia content, the supporter and fan will be able to surf through a timeline that recall each step of Neymar Jr.’s career. From his debut as a professional on the Santos FC, in March 7, 2009, against Oeste, until his arrival on the Paris Saint-Germain, in France.


At the age of 27, the striker owns enviable football numbers. 598 games with Santos FC (BRA), Barcelona (ESP), PSG (FRA) and the National Team’s jerseys. 378 goals scored, 212 assists and 35 titles.


Neymar Jr. points out that these years were so intense that he practically did not realize that a decade since his debut has passed. “It’s very nice to be able to celebrate this date with so much future up ahead. The history I wrote makes me want to work even harder to live experiences that I’ve yet to live and conquer titles that I didn’t”, he affirms.


Check out a few excerpts from exclusive statements:

Thomas Tuchel, PSG’s coach (Neymar Jr.’s current coach): “I’m being completely honest. From outside, it’s easy to judge as a provocation. When you know him, you know who he is. It’s not a provocation, it’s his play style. When you meet him, this changes your way of thinking and judging and, from the bottom of my heart, I can say that it’s not provocation. It’s his way of expressing happiness, of entertaining people and it’s his way of playing the game and expressing himself."


Muricy Ramalho, former coach (Two-time Paulista and Libertadores champion with Neymar Jr., on the Santos FC): When a player arrives in a hotel, they hide and don’t want to know about nothing. Neymar is diferent from everyone. When he celebrated his birthday in São Paulo, he used to put busses on stand by for Santos’ employees to go the party. These are the things that need to be talked about, because people only look at the other things he does. I will tell my little granddaughter that Neymar was the best that I’ve ever worked with as of personality. He is an example for the young ones.”


Léo Bastos, former player (Neymar Jr.’s teammate on Santos FC and talks about the Libertadores’ final, in 2011): “It was a final against Peñarol. The responsibility was too big, but for him, it was like playing a match from the Campeonato Paulista. He was calm. And passed on a lot of tranquility for us. For the most experient ones, who were tense. He was joking like always.”


Rogério Micale, football coach (coach of the Olympic Gold 2016, talks about the historic achievement for Brazil): "I was confident because he (Neymar) was very confident and he practiced this a lot: the penalty shot. The ball was left for the one who knows how to do it. When you see in a person the conditions of it giving you the answer you want, the tendency is for you to be calmer. Neymar, on a penalty, is a specialist. A mand that has personality and technique.

Daniel Alves, soccer player (Neymar Jr.'s teammate in Barcelona, ​​PSG and Brazilian national team): "Playing football is very difficult, specially if you want to make a victorious career. It is a risky sport that requires a lot of dedication, so I believe nobody is what is in vain. People do deserve it and everything that happens in his life (Neymar) is by his own merit. " 


Suarez, Barcelona striker (Neymar Jr.’s teammate on Barcelona): “I think that the best thing on him (Neymar), besides humbleness, is companionship. Ney is learning to become the best player in the world, because he has what it takes.”