Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. joins NABUfit’s new platform

Everybody knows that in order to reach your goals, training is needed. Neymar Jr. trains for hours to be the player he is, for example. Knowing that NABUfit shares his love for exercises, the National Brazilian Team’s number 10 has joined the brand as its ambassador.

With the continuous growth of the fitness awareness, NABUfit developed a mobile app of physical exercises that can be done in any moment, according to your level. The app was built based on training sessions made by specialists in gyms ad sports personalities like Neymar Jr. and Peter Schmeichel. The purpose of the platform is to inspire and motivate his users to live a healthier life throughout the nutrition app.

“The recipe for an efficient workout is a highly subjective matter. There is no “one size fits all”, which is exactly what we target at NABUFIT. It is not about telling people how to live their lives or trying to fit them into a universal standard of how they should look. We want to inspire more people to obtain a better and longer.” says Mads H. Frederiksen, co-owner and Chairman of the NABUFIT Board.

As a representative of the brand, Neymar Jr. will divulge the platform in a global scale and will be one of the mentors, providing, along with his personal trainer, exclusive videos that has the premise of motivating and inspiring people.

"When I found out about NABUFIT's new platform I was surprised with what they have to offer. I had no doubts upon making a partnership with the company and I enjoyed the unique technology they used. I see this as a way for people to improve even more their physical activities and make their lives healthier.”, said NJr.

The interactive NABUFIT app is expected to launch by the end of July for any mobile with Android or IOS system.