Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. has a good clinic and physical evolution after the treatment in Qatar

Neymar Jr. completed, last Sunday (10), the medical evaluation period at the Aspetar Hospital, in Doha, at Qatar and is back in Paris to continue the treatment of the injury on his fifth metatarsal of his right foot, suffered in January 23 of this year. The team that accompanies the athlete was satisfied with the results. According to physical trainer Ricardo Rosa and the physiotherapist Rafael Martini, the performance “was beyond expected physically and clinically.”

Neymar Jr. made tests, complementary physical and clinical evaluations like x-ray exams, tomography, resonance and ultrasonography. The exams are part of the proccess of evaluating the recovery from his injury.

“The results were excelents, some being even above average for football players. So the idea is to keep evolving according to the medical department’s clearance, until the phase where he can train without restrictions. On the physical part, we made evaluations and training sessions, one of them focusing on strenght and the other on metabolic parts”, explains the physical trainer Ricardo Rosa.

Physiotherapist Rafael Martini added that Neymar Jr. is clinically fine, doesn’t feel pains or complains of the activities being developed on treatments and daily trainings. According to Martini, these points indicate a positive evolution.

“Of course that we still have a few restrictions because we have to respect the recovering phase that he is going through, but as far as possible, he’s been doing everything with excellence and no problem at all”, explained the physiotherapist.

Despite the clear progress, the crew prefers to maintain caution in relation to dates for Neymar Jr.’s return to the pitch, since it’s handling a “refracture”. The Paris Saint-Germain athlete continues his treatment over the week on the French capital.