Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. debuts with a goal and PSG defeats Guingamp

Neymar Jr.’s first game for Paris Saint-Germain was a big party. This Sunday (13), the Parisian team fought their second duel in the French Championship, defeating Guingamp by 3-0. After the own goal that Ikoko scored, Cavani and the first timer Neymar Jr. guaranteed the other goals

First half –

Neymar Jr.’s debut in the duel against Guingamp was hot. The PSG dominated the pitch, with the number 10 free to make his collective plays. Meanwhile, Guingamp only showed up in conter-strikes. With 25 minutes of game, the Parisian team remained as the most ofensive, creating plays and trying to score, but the home squad created a wall.

At 35 minutes, stealing the ball close to the area’s entrance, Neymar Jr. sent an aerial ball to Marquinhos, who headbutted to the goal, but it hit the ball. In the next minute, Cavani tried to score with a Strong free-kick, but the goalkeeper defended it.

The PSG tried every way to score a goal in the first half, abusing from NJr’s habilities, who ran rampaging free inside the pitch. But it wasn’t enough. After the only extra minute, the referee whistled and ended the first-half.

Second half –

The second half began with a slower pace, as both teams tried to control the ball. Buta t 53 minutes, after a good play from Neymar Jr., in the center, the ball was left for Ikoko, who put too much effort into the kick and opened the score with an own goal. But, at 61, Njr stole the ball on the left and made an incredible pass for Cavani to score one.

After the goal, the game’s pace fell, but Neymar Jr. still wanted to score one. At 84 minutes, Cavani recovered the ball inside the area and returned it for the Brazilian, face to face with the goalkeeper, to score his first goal on the team.

Without new novelties, the team defended themselves until the end and maintained the good score.