Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. and Cavani turn the tides and PSG beats Troyes

The dispute of the French championship between PSG and Troyes began at 18h of that Wednesday (29). The game, which marked the 15th round of Ligue 1, was difficult, but Neymar Jr. and Cavani rocked the nets, ensuring another victory and 100% of the team's power in the Parc des Princes.

First half -

The first dangerous moment happened just after 2 minutes of game. Di Maria takes a corner-kick but the ball ends up bursting into the hands of goalkeeper Samassa. At 5, Di Maria tried again: He rose a shot from near the goal and the ball almost passed between the legs of the goalkeeper, but he defended.

At 6, Troyes approached the opponent's box, but Thiago Silva stole the ball and shot it wide away. At 10, Neymar Jr. missed a shot near the goal, but Cavani received the ball and, face to face with the goal, kicked, but the pitch ends up being short, as it and passes over the goal.

Troyes’ danger in the 13th minute came as Samassa tried to defend and failed, leaving the goal empty. Cavani took advantage, ran and ended up failing to try to pass for Di Maria to finish, leaving the ball with the goalkeeper.

Almost again, at the 20th minute, Di Maria received a pass at the entrance of the area and tried to finish, but the ball passed scraping on the right side of the goal. At 26, Neymar Jr. received it and managed to deflect from the heavy defense of Troyes, trying to pass to Di Maria, but the ball deflected and ends up with the opposing team.

Troyes’ first chance was at 30. Darbion received on the offensive area and ends in a dangerous move towards the goal, but Trapp managed to defend. At 34, Neymar Jr. dribbled the ball and shot for the goal for the goal, but Samassa defended. And then it happened. A penalty for the PSG! Cavani charged, kicking in the right corner, but Samassa defended once again. With PSG dominating the ball and risking most of the time, the first half ended as it started: 0-0.

Second half -

The second half was full of emotions. While the PSG cornered the opponent, Troyes sought counterattacks, increasing the tension in the tie. After 12 minutes, Neymar Jr. sent a free kick in high over the penalty box, missing, but setting fire in the field.

The PSG continued trying and saw chances and more chances stopping in the goalkeeper or in the rear. But the number 10 solved the game. After 26 minutes, he stole a leftover ball from Mbappé, accelerated at the entrance of the area and released another left foot bomb, which, this time, rocked the nets.

Troyes woke up in the next minutes, causing danger through counterattacks. Jun Suk almost scored at 34, after having a headbutted shot defended by Trapp. But the night was for PSG. After receiving a beautiful launched ball from Verratti, Neymar Jr. invaded the area, found Cavani and made the pass for the Uruguayan to close the victory at the Parc des Princes.