Neymar Jr.

National Brazilian Team shines on the friendly match and defeats El Salvador

This Tuesday night (10), the Brazilian National Team did not take their foot off the accelerator at the Fedex Stadium and secured another victory in the second friendly duel of the round. The team defeated El Salvador by 5 to 0 and shone on the pitch. Neymar Jr., Richarlison (twice), Coutinho and Marquinhos scored the winning goals.

First half -

Three minutes was all it took for Brazil to cause danger with Richarlison in the first set. However, the striker was knocked over and, on the charge, Neymar Jr. opened the score. El Salvador tried to reorganize itself, but there was no time. Soon after, at 15, the second Brazilian goal appeared. Neymar Jr. crossed from the center to the left side and Richarlison took advantage to enlarge the score with a goal.

The Brazilian national team did not stop attacking, collecting chances and putting pressure on El Salvador. The team pressured so much that, in the 29th minute, Neymar Jr. again carried the ball and made the pass for Coutinho to complete with the third goal. At the 39th minute, the fourth goal almost came. Douglas Costa became ‘The Flash’ to launch the ball for Neymar Jr. to drible the goalkeeper and kick, but he got blocked.

No more new chances appeared and the first half came to an end.

Second half –

Instead of three minutes, as in the first half, there were five. Instead of Neymar Jr., who opened the score in the second half was Richarlison, in the rebound of a lost ball from Coutinho. The game followed as in the first step, with Brazil dominating the duel. At 14, Neymar Jr. passed to Fred, who left the ball for Everton to send it on the crossbar, and at 16, the number 10 came face-to-face with the goalkeeper, but saw his kick being blocked again.

The Brazilian National Team continued to administer the match and hunt their spaces when possible. The defenders was virtually not working and Neymar Jr. and his fellow attackers were the ones who moved the most. Moved so much that the fifth goal came to close the duel.

Neymar Jr. did his hat-trick of assists and, from the corner, put the ball in Marquinhos’ head, guaranteeing the victory of the friendly game.