Neymar Jr.

National Brazilian Team beats USA by 2 to 0 at the MetLife Stadium

This Friday night (7), at the MetLife Stadium, the Brazilian National Team made their first game since the World Cup in Russia and conquered the important victory. The team defeated the United States of America by 2-0, with goals from Firmino and Neymar Jr.

First half –

The players tested  each other during the first five minutes of the game. Brazil seemed to be the team that moved the most, but the US did not let the Brazilian attack penetrate the defense. But after 10 minutes, Douglas Costa came in from the right and threw it to the area, where Firmino appeared to complete the goal.

After the goal, the game got cold, with the United States trying to find itself on the pitch a little more, but not getting rid of the Brazilian players’ clutches. After 25 minutes, Neymar Jr.'s shot flared at Coutinho, who curled his kick wide to the goal. In the rebound, Casemiro sent it out. At 30, Douglas sped up from the right once again and crossed over to Neymar Jr., who failed to dominate and killed the play.

At the end of the first half, USA even caused some danger, but it was not enough. At 42, Fabinho was knocked over the are. Neymar Jr. took the penalty shot  and extended the score. After one extra minute, the first step of the duel came to an end.

Second half –

In the first minute, Brazil had already scared the US team. Douglas Costa accelerated again and rolled to Firmino, who lost the ball. On the rebound, Fred kicked, but the goalkeeper made a great defense. Brazil continued attacking well, but the game got colder and colder and the pressure seemed small.

The gamecontinued without great odds or surprises. At the 26th minute, on the best US chance in the duel, Trapp launched a bomb from outside the area, but Alisson defended well. After the play, the game continued to be managed by the Brazilian team, who created little and Tite used this to make substitutions in his team. The captain of the team, Neymar Jr., left the matche at 35, with Everton entering his place.

Just as it began, the second-half came to na end. Without any more goals and News, Brazil defeated the USA squad conquered their first victory in this new phase of the team.