Neymar Jr.

Montpellier wins PSG at home by Ligue 1

Montpellier won the Paris Saint Germain on Tuesday (30) by 3-2 and approached the leaders of the competition missing four rounds to the end of the French championship.

Neymar Jr made his third match after the injury that left him off the field for three months. The Ligue 1 match on Tuesday was the second in which the athlete stayed on the field during the whole period.


Montpellier and Paris made an open game but with little emotion and scoring opportunities. Paris opened the scoring in the 12th minute with a goal against Oyongo. Moments later, the home side equalized also with a goal against - the ball slipped in Kimpembe.

The second half had more intensity and started with the PSG up front. After a swift strike in the penalty area, Di Maria dribbled the keeper to break the deadlock. It did not take long for Delort to leave everything the same again.

Already in the final minutes Camara used a vacillation in the exit of ball of the rear of the Paris and decreed the victory of Montpellier by 3 to 2.

To Paris to the field by the Ligue 1 next Saturday (4) against the Nice, at noon, in the Park of the Princes.