Neymar Jr.

Mercari celebrates 100 million downloads and announces Neymar Jr. as the brand’s ambassador

Mercari has hit 100 million downloads worldwide (among the Japanese, American and British versions of the App Store and the Google Play Store) and to celebrate this great success they signed with athlete Neymar Jr., becoming the brand’s ambassador. The goal is to disseminate the application globally and accelerate its international expansion.

To celebrate these numbers, Mercari has also created a promotion that will draw, among the participants, a Gaga Milano watch and two Nike Mercurial shoes. The three lucky ones will be announced in January. To compete for exclusive prizes, users must sign up at - and spend at least 1,000 yen (equivalent to almost R $ 30.00). The values of the items sold during the promotion will be reverted to Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr.

Launched in Japan, in July 2013, the site for buying and selling became even more popular when, in 2014, it began to be propagated in Japanese TV commercials. In February of 2015 the application reached 10 million downloads and since then, it only grows.

The app was launched in the US in September 2014 and reached 10 million downloads in June 2016, reaching third position in the ranking of free downloads of the US App Store. In June 2017, former Facebook Vice President John Lagerling joined Mercari (currently serving as US CEO) and under his leadership, the application in the US continues to grow, surpassing 30 million downloads in November 2017.

In March 2017 it entered the UK, gained popularity in less than a year of release and was selected as one of the country's best apps on Google Play and received the award for "New application with the highest download numbers."

In response to changing customer needs, the "Mercari Channel" feature was launched in July 2017, allowing users to buy and sell products via live streaming video. Then a real-time shopping service, "Mercari NOW," was launched in November 2017. This feature allows users to turn their unwanted goods into cash instantly.

As a result of initiatives such as those described above, the Mercari application has already been downloaded more than 60 million times in Japan and more than one million new items are listed on the platform every day. Among all Japanese consumers who are using at least one market application, currently, 94% use Mercari, making it the largest market application in the country.