Neymar Jr.

Ligue 1’s audience rises in Brazil after Neymar Jr.’s arrival

PSG continues to reap the rewards of Neymar Jr.'s hiring to the team. Since his arrival in the club, the broadcast’s audience of the French Championship has been growing, gaining more space between the Brazilian broadcasters, who previously had other European championships as favorites.

Since the arrival of Njr on the team, ESPN and Sportv exploded in audience with Ligue 1’s transmission. In the player’s PSG's debut, Sportv took the lead (with 2.8 million people watching) and ESPN, which also broadcasted the duel against Guingamp, also gained prominence.

Already at the debut of Neymar Jr. in the Champions League, by PSG, the audience of Esporte Interativo was five times greater. Compared with the audience he received when playing for Barcelona, ​​the Esporte Interativo got 30% more with the PSG’s duel against Celtic.

Neymar Jr. also changed the broadcasting grid. With the number 10 in the pitch, the stations will broadcast the 38 games of the current PSG season in the French Championship. As for the the Brazilian channel Band, which was going to broadcast Barcelona x Olympiakos, this Wednesday (18), they changed the grid and will now broadcast Anderlecht vs. PSG, on account of the audience generated by the athlete.