Neymar Jr.

La Remontada: Barcelona make an historic turn of events at the Camp Nou and classifies for the Champions League's quarterfinals

A miracle happened at the Camp Nou! This Wednesday (8), Barcelona did everything and defeated Paris Saint-Germain by 6-1 at the Camp Nou, making a historic UEFA Champions League game and qualifying for the quarterfinals of the tournament. Suárez scored one, Messi also did one, Kurzawa made an own goal, Neymar Jr. socred two and one assist and Sergi Roberto scored the final goal.

First half -

One of Barça's most difficult challenges started at the Camp Nou. And the team began the game with a goal at two minutes. Rafinha launches the ball from the left, Messi tried getting it, but it goes up and, in the confusion, Suárez opens the score with his head. After the goal, the game got more intense, as PSG tried to get together.

At 14 minutes, Messi got knocked down close to the area. The player kicked and the ball almost got in, but crawled out. At 16 minutes, free from the defenders, it was Neymar Jr.'s turn to try a kick from afar, but also missed. Barça was rushing to score more goals and saw the PSG trying everything to avoid it. The Camp Nou was boiling with pressure.

Despite the wall built by the French, the pressure was absolute from Barça. But the rush for the goal and talent helped the culés. At 39 minutes, Neymar Jr. left it with Suárez, who passed for Iniesta to invade the area and returned the ball. On the rebound, Kurzawa made an own goal.

After the three tense extra minutes, the first half came to an end.

Second half -

Paris Saint-Germain made the mistake that caused the third goal from Barcelona. Meunier fell and knocked Neymar Jr. in the area. In the penalty shot, Messi scored the third for the culés. Barcelona saw themselves closer to a tie and the match got even more complicated. At 14 minutes, the PSG made pressure in a corner kick that caused a confusion in the area, but the ball went out.

But the worst happened at the Camp Nou. At 17, after a launch in the area and a failure from the culé defense, Cavani took the chance with the freedom given and scored a beautiful goal. The chance that seemed so close for Barça started to go away. The azulgranas got nervous, the fouls happened more often and the goals that the Catalans wanted did not seem to come.

At 28 minutes, Messi stole the ball in the area, took it to the right and almost scored, but the ball went outside. Time passed by and the game's pace became colder and colder. 
But football is a box of surprises.

After 42 minutes, Neymar Jr. fired a free kick and made it 4-1. Soon after, Marquinhos knocked out Suárez in the area, Njr took the lead, charged and made it 5-1. Onwards, Barcelona took the Camp Nou back. The number 11 stole the ball on the right, brought it to the center, out of area and launched it. Sergi Roberto was on the ball, hit the kick and made the 6 1.

Barcelona is qualified for the quarterfinals of the Champions League with a historic 'La Remontada'.

Photo: Sergio Perez/Reuters