Neymar Jr.

Juventus eliminates the FC Barcelona from the Champions League

The FC Barcelona created chances behind chances and attacked until the end, but Juventus created a wall in the defense and was superior. In a duel without goals for both teams, Juventus got what they wanted and eliminated Barcelona from the Champions League, this Wednesday (19), in the quarterfinals.

First half –

Barcelona saw the hardest game of the season happen. Juventus pressured and the Catalan team pushed the danger away. The plays were created with caution on both sides. Meanwhile, the referee let the game run free, not whistling some fouls. At 12 minutes, the first squad to kick on the goal was Juve, with Higuain, but the Argentine sent it out. At 14, it was Rakitic how had the chance of scoring on the rebound, but also missed.

At 17 minutes, Messi conquered the ball in the center and made an incredible launch for Jordi Alba, but the Spanish did not reach it. Soon after, it was Alba’s turn to create from the left and pass for Suárez, who left the ball for the number 10. He kicked badly and sent it out. The Catalan squad pressured a lot, forcing Juventus to close themselves. At 30, also by the left, Neymar Jr. dribbled the defense and passed for Messi to kick. The player, once again, misses.

Juventus defended well and only appeared in the counter attacks. At 37 minutes, Pjanic launched a ball in the area, where Higuain appeared to kick, but Ter Stegen defended. The players started to get nervous, the fouls took control and the Camp Nou boiled. Wihtout goals, the first half came to an end.

Second half –

Soon at the start, Neymar Jr. cleaned the whole defense and invaded the area, but found himself without space to kick. In the counter-attack, Cuadrado received a free ball and kicked outside the area, but the ball passes far from Ter Stegen, going out. Juventus’ defense remained strong, blocking the Catalans’ chances. At 10 minutes, Iniesta found a breach in the Italan wall and passed to Messi. The Argentine misses.

The Catalan pressure was absolute, but the ball did not go in. At 16 minutes, it was Neymar Jr.’s turn to try a bomb from outside the area, but he raised it too much. Barcelona decided to corner Juventus in the area and after 20 minutes of game, a rain of kicks to the goal happened. At 34 minutes, Neymar Jr. won a ball in the left and made an incredible launch to the area. Nobody reached it and the chance was lost.

When the clock hit 40 minutes, Barça’s excitement fell. The kicks started to become even less precise, the pressure lessened and the opportunities stopped appearing. The three extra minutes wouldn’t make a miracle and the final whistle was heard to finish the classic. Barcelona left the Camp Nou and the Champions League.