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Juventus beats Barcelona in the Champions League’s first quarterfinal duel

This Tuesday’s (11) game at the Juventus Stadium marked yet another defeat for the FC Barcelona. The team lost by 3-0 in the first duel of this Champions League’s quarter final, against Juventus. Now the team will try to turn things around one more time, next Wednesday (19), to try advancing to the semifinal.

First half –

The tension at Juventus Stadium was strong. The Catalan defense was failing, leaving Juventus to run freely. In the first free—kick to the Italians, Ter Stegen had to make an incredible defense to prevent the score from opening. But the goalkeeper alone could not save the team. Soon at six minutes, after Cuadrado got the ball on the right and launched it to the area, Dybala kicked freely to open the score. 1-0 to Juventus.

After the goal, the Catalans seemed to wake up and started to threat the Italian defense more. At 20 minutes, Messi, in the midfield, made a nice pass for Iniesta, who sent it outside. And Juventus did not forgive, at 22, this time from the left, Dybala invaded the area and made another goal with ease. 2-0 to Juventus.

Barça tried to react and, at 29 minutes, Messi stole the ball, exchanged passes with Suárez, dribbled Buffon and scored. But the play was an offside. At 38, Mathieu decided to advance and launched the ball in the area. Suárez ran to hit it with his head but did not reach it. The game’s tension started to rise again, Juve started to strike again, but this time the Catalans took the danger away. The referee whistled and the first half was over.

Second half –

Soon after the first play of the second half, Juventus pressured. But Barcelona did too and, at two minutes, Messi took the ball to the area, passed to Suárez, who missed the goal and left the Argentine to miss the shot in the rebound. The Catalans tightened up and did not give up. At six minutes, after another ball rebounded, Iniesta appeared to release a bomb, but sent it outside.

But Barça’s pressure wasn’t enough. Juve did not forgive the adversary’s mistake and did not leave the Catalan area. And at nine minutes, in a corner-kick, Chiellini jumped to score another for the Italians. 3-0 to Juventus.

After the third goal, Juventus closed themselves, trying to prevent a Catalan goal. At 22 minutes, Messi troubled the defense and left Suárez face to face with the goalkeeper, but the Uruguayan missed the kick. The match started to grow cold and Barça had difficulty in getting at least one goal.

But the reaction was weak, the individual plays did not work and Barcelona did not find a way to break the wall built by Juve in the end. The end came and Juventus won by 3-0.


Imagem: AP Photo/Antonio Calanni