Neymar Jr.

FC Barcelona defeats Manchester United by 1-0 on the Champions Cup

FC Barcelona won their second International Champions Cup game, defeating Manchester United by 1-0. Neymar Jr. scored the only goal of the match, bringing the victory to the Catalans in his first duel against the English team. The next Barça’s challenge will be another great 'El Clásico', this Saturday (29).

First half –

The first chance of the duel came from Rashford’s feet, who crossed from the right for Lukaku to almost score for Manchester United, face to face with Cillessen. Two minutes later, it was Barca's turn. First with Neymar Jr., who left for Messi to kick in the gloves of the goalkeeper and then with Suárez, who also had his kick defended. The duel was in good rhythm, with the players looking for spaces for finalizations.

At 14 minutes, Pogba stole Aleña’s ball on the left side and made a beautiful kick, forcing a beautiful defence from Cillessen. The match crossed its 25 minutes and the game heated up. At 27, Suárez carried the ball to the area’s entrance and left Neymar Jr. to kick, but the Brazilian sent it out. But the number 11 didn’t stop there. In a counter-attack, Messi placed Neymar Jr. in the area, the player stumbled upon Valência, but managed to turn himself around and open the score. After the goal, the game finally started to get colder.

With the game at 40 minutes, a free-kick that reflected in Lendelöf’s head ended up with Suárez taking a chance on a bycicle kick. But showing extremely quick reflexes, De Gea rose to make a beautiful defence. After that, the game continued peacefully until the referee’s whistle.

Second half –
With the team completely changed, the second half had a different and calmer face than the first. Players from both teams sought space, but could not build plays, rarely causing any danger. After 19 minutes, Martial sent a free kick in high over the penalty box. Soon after, it was Alcácer’s turn to win a similar chance, but he kicked over the goalkeeper, losing the opportunity.

Manchester made the most of it, risking, for example, from outside the area, with Pogba, but Cillessen did not miss any kick. The English team still made several substitutions, but the Catalans were attentive on the pitch.

In the fourth minute of extra time, the game warmed up, with Manchester United almost tying the game. But it was a Culé night. Barça resisted to the end, causing little danger, but guaranteeing their second win in the International Champions Cup.