Neymar Jr.

Do you know the new site’s social networks?

Neymar Jr. has many portals and channels. With its new site online, it becomes easier for fans to access their social networks and stay on top of all things happening in and out of the fields. But do you know the official social networks of the player’s site?

The official Facebook has 85.599 likes. All content, news and updates on the website, are published there. Partnerships, training sessions, press-kits, videos and memories of important dates from Barça’s number 11 are some of the things that happen on our feed.

In our official Instagram page, with 24 thousand likes, you also find the striker’s key moments. Besides photos and videos demonstrating all of his training and matches, the portal also posts real-time coverage of the games, with new photos and information about the score.

Our Twitter and Google+ has similar functions to the other official social networks. There, you’ll find the game coverage, actions from the sponsors, and everything that Neymar Jr does when he’s inside the stadiums.

If you do not want to lose everything that happens in the career of the Brazilian National Team captain, run and visit our portals!

Facebook - @NJrSiteOficial
Twitter - @neymarjrsite
Instagram - @neymarjrsiteoficial
G+ - @neymarjrsite