Neymar Jr.

Chris Flannery and Jason M. Burns talk about Neymar Jr. Comics at New York's Comic Con

Our partner, Fan the Flame, created Neymar Jr. Comics and turned the number 10 into a comic book character. Chris Flannery and Jason M. Burns, president and editor-in-chief of the brand, gave an interview to ESPN, telling a little about the origin of the story.

During the 13th edition of Comic Con in New York, the two minds of Fan the Flame Concepts were to promote their comic-based stories to about 250,000 comic book fans. Burns commented that he had long wanted to write about a character with tattoos that came to life, so they found Neymar Jr.

"Given the importance (of the personality of the tattoos) to Neymar and to the character, it was the beginning of the snowball," commented Flannery. Fan the Flame approached the player, who embraced the idea.

"It was important for Neymar, and for us, that PSG fans could read the HQ in French," Flannery said. "We also have Spanish, we will launch it in Italian soon and we are thinking about Arabic and Asian languages."

"We could not cover the whole world at once. We're not superheroes," laughed Flannery. In Inked, Neymar Jr. is the hero and the story unfolds around Junior's kidnapping by a cartel. To rescue her, Junior is tattooed with a magic ink that allows the images to come alive and fight alongside him. A lion in NJr's left hand becomes the main ally of Junior, Baysan, and is based on the actual hand tattoo of the Brazilian team's 10th jersey.

"When Neymar became involved, the story made even more sense because his tattoos have a personality of their own," Burns commented, celebrating the vision of art director Dustin Evans.

At the end of the interview, Chris Flannery talked a bit about Inked and gave his opinion about the player. "I think everything about Neymar and his family is very humble," he says. "If you notice how they reciprocate, I think he feels very privileged and blessed to be able to do that."

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