Neymar Jr.

Brazilian’s Olympic Football Team defeats Japan in a friendly match before the Olympics

On Neymar Jr.’s return to the pitch, the  Brazilian Olympic Football Team defeated Japan by 2-0. With a Strong participation of the team, Gabigol and Marquinhos guaranteed the victory at Serra Dourada. Now Brazil will return to Brasília on the next Thursday (4), for their debut in the 2016’ s Olympic Games.

First half –

By the start of the first half, Brazil decided to bet on the Exchange of passes. By 18 minutes, Neymar Jr. made a great pass to Douglas Santos, who crosses to Felipe Anderson to kick, but the goalkeeper Nakamura stops Brazil’s first good chance. By 20, Grabigol exchanges passes with Gabriel Jesus, who tries to kick but sends it ouside.

By 26 minutes, Neymar Jr. tries to attack from the middle, kicks it, but Nakamura, once again, stops Brazil’s chance. The Brazilian team continued to pressure Japan throughout the rest of the first half. 30 minutes, Rafinha finds Gabigol, makes the pass, the santista runs fast to the area and opens the score of the game.

Neymar Jr. got knocked down on the the area’s entrance. By 36 minutes, the player made a free-kick that exploded on the pole. The ball got back to the athlete, but he sent it out. But the constant Brazilian presence on the japanese area resulted in another goal. By 39, NJr made the corner kick that placed the ball on top of Marquinhos’ head to score. 2-0 and the end of the first half arrived.

Second half –

Brazil starts the second half by the same good way that ended the first. By seven minutes, Neymar Jr. passed to Gabriel Jesus, who left the ball for Renato Augusto to score. The athlete kicked it too Strong and sent it above the net.

Even well marked, Japan’s team started to appear mor by the second half, creating more chances on the match. Close to 20 minutes, the coach Rogério Micale decided to substitute Gabigol for Walace, taking the team back a little.

Despite the good start on the game’s second stage, the Brazilian team seemed to get calmer, not causing as much danger to the adversary as before. By 41, Brazil created its last good chance. Neymar Jr. gets the ball after a fall from Luan, tries to kick, but the goalkeeper defended.

Three minutes of overtime later, the Brazilian Olympic Football Team finishes the friendly match in great style and defeats Japan by 2-0. Now it’s time for the Olympics!

Images - Evarista Sá/AFP