Neymar Jr.

Brazil scores six goals against Honduras and advances to the Olympic final

With a six goal rout and the record of fastest goal in the Olympic Games’ history (scored by Neymar Jr.), Brazil advances to the final. Two goals from the number 10, two from Gabriel Jesus, one from Luan and another from Marquinhos, the team will face the winner of the match between Nigeria and Germany. The final will take place in Maracanã, this Saturday (20).

First half –

Fourteen seconds of game and the Brazilian crowd went crazy. Due to an error of the team of Honduras, Neymar Jr. stole the ball from the defense and opened the score. The adversary scared the team in a free kick and in a corner kick, but the defenders took the danger away. Nine minutes, NJr found Luan in the area, the athlete had the chance to score, but the goalkeeper stopped it.

By 15 minutes, the Brazilian team dominated in the pitch, betting in ball control and in good kicks in the area. Some heavy fouls in Neymar Jr. were slowing the game’s pace, but that didn’t stop Brazil’s game. And by 25, Brazil made another goal. Luan made a quick pass to Gabriel Jesus, who did not lose the chance, and made a beautiful goal. 2-0.

The Brazilian goal only made Honduras try to grow in the pitch and make more fouls. By 32, Neymar Jr. launched the ball in the area, Gabigol took it and tried the kick, but sent it out. Not satisfied, soon after, Neymar Jr. launched the ball again in the area. Gabriel Jesus took the opportunity and scored the third goal.

With two minutes of overtime, both teams seemed tired and controlled the ball with ease towards the end of the match. The first half was done.

Second half –

Brazil started well in the second half, with a good chance from Gabigol in the area. Soon after, Luan entered the adversary’s area with ease, but the goalkeeper disarmed him. By five minutes, Neymar Jr. called up the crowd when he made the free kick that earned his team another goal. Marquinhos received, turned around and scored the fourth one.

By 18 minutes, in a free kick, Neymar Jr. almost scored his second goal in the game and third in the Olympics, but the goalkeeper stopped him. Brazil kept controlling the game and turned the team with a few substitutions. Neymar Jr., by 29, almost scored in a free kick, but the ball almost got in.

The rout got official with the fifth goal, by 33 minutes. Luan, free in the area, saw Felipe Anderson’s launch and scored for the team. Close to the end of the game, Honduras tried to grow in the pitch, even got a few chances to score, but Weverton saved every ball.

To close the rout with a golden key, Luan got knocked down in the area. It was penalty for Brazil. Neymar Jr. kicked it, scored and the game ended by 6-0. Brazil is in the final game.