Neymar Jr.

Brazil National Team is the first one to guarantee their place in 2018’s World Cup

And we’re going to Russia! Leader of the South-American Qualifiers with 33 points, undefeated for eight games, 25 goals in total and qualified with four games in advance, The National Brazilian Team has become the first squad in the world to qualify for 2018’s World Cup.

After another great duel, the team defeated Paraguay by 3-0, for the Qualifiers’ 14th round. But, despite all of their previous triumphs in past games, Brazil was still not guaranteed to go to Russia.

This Wednesday’s dawn (29), in Lima, Peru defeated Uruguay by 2-1. The results qualified the Brazilians mathematically. In the worst case scenario, the squad can end up the competition in fourth place, in case they lose all the other four games. But, even if they do, they’ll dispute the World Cup.

Neymar Jr. and his teammates still have to play against Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile. Ever since Tite assumed as the new Brazilian coach, the team did not lose or tied any duel. As for the number 10, he still is undefeated in games played in Brazil. He’s also become Brazil’s biggest top-scorer in the Aouth-American competition, with six goals. The player is the third biggest scorer of the whole competition, tied with the Chileans Vidal and Alexis Sánchez.