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Brazil makes another draw on the World Cup qualifiers

Tough game at Asunción! The Brazilian National Team makes another draw at the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers. Against Paraguay this time, the match was ifnished by 2-2, with goals from Ricardo Oliveira and Daniel Alves.

First half –

Brazil started the game trying to control the ball on the first half. But, during the first 20 minutes, no team seemd to find itself on the field. By 17 minutes, Brazil got suffocated after a free kick from Benitez, that left Aguilar and Gomez close to the goal, but Alison stopped their chances.

The Brazilian Tem tried a little more after the scares, but it wasn’t enough. By 39 minutes, the Brazilian defenders failed and Lezcano came running free in the area, kicking to open the scoring on the team.

Brazil tried, but could not get the draw. By 45 minutes, the referee whistled and the first half ofthe game was over.

Second half –

By three minutes, Paraguay made the difference. Ortigoza passed the ball to Benitez, on the area, and, with ease, he scored. The game got stiff and match continued without much rhythm for both teams. The Brazilian crowd cheered for a moment with a head-goal from Gil, but the referee whistled a fould right when he jumped.

The Brazilian team had a better performance by the second half, but the second goal didn’t seem to come out. And then, by 34 minutes, Hulk kicks a bomb in the area, but the goalkeeper defends. Ricardo Oliveira, on the rebound, scorec the first for the team.