Neymar Jr.

Brazil makes a draw in its second game in the Olympics

Another goalless draw at Mané Garrincha! Brazil did not win in their second game in the Olympics against Iraq. Now the Olympic Team has to face Denmark, next Wednesday (10), in Salvador, in their last duel in the first phase of the competition.

First half –

The ten first minutes of the game at the Mané Garrincha saw many fouls from the Iraqian team. By 11, Ismail made a corner kick and Abdul dodged it with his head. Weverton didn’t get the ball, it hit the pole and Rodrigo Caio took the danger away. The game’s pace didn’t get easier by 20 minutes, with both teams creating good chances.

By 30, Gabigol, on the left, crossed to Neymar Jr. who was getting into the area and tried a goal with his head, but missed it. Brazil started to grow and to pressure in the pitch. By 35, it was Gabriel Jesus’ turn to come face to face with the goalkeeper, but he sent the ball out. Soon after, Neymar Jr. almost made an olympic goal, but the ball did not want to go in.

The first half was coming to an end and Brazil was hunting for a goal in anyway possible. Neymar Jr. tried a free-kick, but the barrier stopped him. On the rebound, Renato Augusto exploded the ball on the pole. With a tense atmosphere and with a high pressure from the Brazilian team, the first half camed to an end.

Second half –

The second half started as hard as the first one did. Brazil tried to find itself inside the pitch, but could not find the right way to do it. By 15, Luan kicked it from the left, the ball passed through everyone in the area and no one reached it. The game’s pace fell drastically.

No team seemed to find good chances to score and the game got ugly for both sides. By 27, Adnan made a free-kick and caused danger to the Brazilian team, but the barrier stopped it. 29 minutes, Neymar Jr. also had a danger opportunity, but could not score.

Brazil pressured in the attack, but Iraq pressured in the defense, whle the game ran to its end. By 42, a fan invaded the pitch, forcing the referee to give seven minutes of overtime. 47 minutes, in a coounter attack, William crosses and the ball falls on Renato Augusto.The goal was free, but the player sends the ball out.