Neymar Jr.

Brazil defeats Saudi Arabia by 2-0

This Friday (12), the Brazilian National team secured another victory in friendly games. The team defeated Saudi Arabia by 2-0, with goals from Gabriel Jesus and Alex Sandro. Neymar Jr. gave assists for both goals.

First half –

Right on the first half, the Brazilian National Team rained strikes on the Saudi team, but despite the good chances, could not suffocate them. After 11 minutes, Neymar Jr. invaded the area, but the goalkeeper defended. On the rebound, he tried again, but the backside got there first. The opponent responded, but it did not seem to be enough to scare the Brazilian defenders.

23 minutes into the game, Brazil managed to counter-attack, but Renato Augusto got a good chance on the ball and passed to Gabriel Jesus, but the when he finally scored, it was an offside. Two minutes later, in a beautiful free-kick from Neymar Jr., Gabriel Jesus headed for the goal, but Al-Owais defended well.

However, the number 9 tried so hard that the goal came. At 42nd minute, Neymar Jr. found Gabriel Jesus and the ‘craque’ kicked through the arms of the goalkeeper to open the score and close the first half.

Second half –

The first good chance came at the 6th minute, after a good individual play by Neymar Jr., who left Lucas at the mouth of the goal, but Al-Owais defended. The second came at 9, when the number 10 tried a kick from outside the area, but missed the shot. And the third one also came from his feet, passing the ball to Alex Sandro, who saw his shot being defended.

The time was passing and the Brazilian team tried, but did not fit. Tite replaced his pieces and tried to speed up the game, but everything was still very cautious. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, despite their defeat and lack of ball possession, was still the squad who most tried to score.

At 38, Richarlison was in a good condition to score, but Al-Owais knocked him down, barring him from scoring. However, VAR saw the goalkeeper's play as a foul and expelled him from the game. Even so, the Brazil still had difficulties to score. At the last minute, closing the game with a golden key, Neymar Jr. charged a corner that put the ball on Alex Sandro’s head to swing the net and finish the match.