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Brazil beats Russia in their first friendly game of the year

This Friday (23), Brazil debuted in 2018 with a great victory. The team made a friendly duel against Russia, in Moscow, on the stage of the World Cup final, and secured a 3-0 win. Miranda, Philippe Coutinho and Paulinho scored the winning goals.

First half –

Russia started the game by tumultuating the midfield, trying to disrupt the Brazilian team's possession of the ball. But after five minutes, Daniel Alves found the ball and launched it into the area. Gabriel Jesus shot, but the goalkeeper defended. The time was passing and Brazil continued searching for this space again, but the Russians did not allow, leaving the game more closed.

At the 25th minute, Russia had completely shut their goal. Coutinho ventured out of the area for a kick, but Akinfeev defended again. Willian tried a similar move at the 28th minute, this time from within the area, but the chance was lost again. Russia only caused danger when they took advantage of Brazil's flaws, but Alisson and the defense maintained their focus on avoiding it.

The first half was nearing the end and neither team was able to pierce the opposing defenses. In the end, Brazil was able to regain possession of the ball from the start of the match, but it was not enough and the referee’s whistle ended the first stage.

Second half –

At the beginning of the second half, Brazil came close to scoring after Willian left Paulinho in the face of the goal, but the athlete kicked the ball on the goalkeeper. The game was difficult for the Brazilian team, who did not seem to hit the nets. Until, in the seventh minute, a ball raised in the area fell on Thiago Silva’ head, which gave the rebound for Miranda to open the scoring in Moscow.

After the goal, Brazil got excited, attacking more and trying to pull the spaces from Russia. In 16 minutes, in an advance of Paulinho, Golovin pulled the player, giving a Penalty to the team. Coutinho charged and extended the score. But the score would not stop there. After 21 minutes, Willian sent a free kick in high over the penalty box. Paulinho, well positioned in the center, scored the third one.

The Brazilian team continued to dominate the game, while Russia only appeared through counterattacks. The victory seemed directed to Brazil, who only exchanged passes and administered the duel. In the end, Brazil held on to the pitch and conquered its first win of the year.