Neymar Jr.

Brazil and Argentina finish with a draw on qualifiers match

The classic between Brazil and Argentina took place on Friday (13), at 22h (Brazilian time), at Monumental de Nuñez, in a match valid for the South American qualifiers for the World Cup in 2018. The difficult game ended with a draw 1-1 with Lucas Lima's goal. The next challenge for Brazil in the qualifiers will be Peru, on Tuesday (17).


The Game:

First half -

The classic was difficult. Neither team seemed to be within fields. Good plays were not generating good finalizations and the goal did not get off on either side. During the first 20 minutes the Brazilian team did not find the enemy area, while Argentina showed itself best in the field.

33 minutes of the first half, the first goal came. After recovering the ball, Di María gave to Higuain on the right, who crossed low for Lavezzi to appear free in the large Brazilian area to open the score in the Monumental. The game was heating up, causing the amount of faults and the pressure to increase after the goal.


After 40 minutes, the Brazilian team decided to scare Argentina for the first time. William took a free kick in the area and David Luiz rose to head-butt. The ball went dangerously over Romero's goal. On the end of the first half, with two minutes of extra time, saw Brazil forwarding and moving around more, but without scoring their goal.

Second half -

The second half began with Brazil experiencing danger. Two minutes, the Argentine Benega arrived in the area with conditions to finalize and was blocked. On the rebound, Benega tried again, but the ball hit the crossbar. Eight minutes, it was time for Neymar Jr. to scare the Argentine team. After receiving the pass from Filipe Luis from the left, Brazil’s number 10 ventured out of the area with a kick and the ball went near the goal, but got out.

11 minutes into the game, coach Dunga withdrew Ricardo Oliveira to put Douglas Costa. In his first chance of goal, head, the ball hits the post, Lucas Lima appears on the right and rebounds for the first Brazilian goal, after 13 minutes.


The game seemed to go back to what it was in the first half. Neither team was on the ball and the passes and finalizations didn’t seem to happen. After 28 minutes, Willian got rid of two and fell within the area to perform the kick. The ball hit an Argentine player and got out through the bottom line. 33 minutes, Neymar Jr. carried the ball and tried to to leave his goal with another out of area goal, but the ball went far from Romero.

After 40 minutes, the pace of the match was back and the faults as well. Otamendi appeared to give head to the Brazilian area, but ended up sending it out, startling the Brazilian fans. With four minutes of extra time, heavy faults and pressure of both teams, the classic is over, with a draw, by 1-1.

Photo: Mowa Press