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Barcelona unties at the end and defeats Real Madrid in the decisive ‘El Clásico’ in La Liga

Each fan that went to Santiago Bernabéu this Sunday (23) got what they wanted. The decisive ‘El Clásico’ in La Liga had everything and a bit more. In the end, with two goals from Messi and one from Rakitic, Barcelona turned the tides in the last minute and defeated Real Madrid by 3-2. Now the culé team returns to the pitch next Wednesday (26), against Osasuña.

First half –

The five first minutes at Santiago Bernabéu were suffocating to Barcelona, which could not roll the ball in any way possible. But the first dangerous ball came from the culé, after Alba found Suárez in the center, who kicked a bomb, but sent it out. Barça started to let loose after the kick, but the duel remained tense. At 17 minutes, it was Benzema’s turn to receive it from the center and kick, but Ter Stegen defended with ease.

20 minutes into the game and Cristiano Ronaldo found a space on the left to make his first kick, forcing Ter Stegen to make another incredible defense. Real Madrid took some chances in the Catalan defense’s mistakes and Barça felt the danger again. So much that at 28, after a corner kick, Ter Stegen defends, Marcelo sends it back to the area and Ramos kicks it on the pole. On the rebound, Casemiro shakes the net.

But the Catalans answered. Rakitic and Busquets exchanged passes and Suárez left the ball go through for Messi to drible the defenders and tie the game. Real almost untied in the next play, when Modric got free to kick from outside the area, but Ter Stegen made another beautiful defense.

The game heated up and with each strike from both teams made the crowd get wild. The last few minutes of the first half were controlled by Barça. In the last minute, Rakitic made a corner-kick that placed the ball in Messi’s foot, but the Argentine pushed it outside, finishing the first step.

Second half –

Like in the first half, Real Madrid began pressuring. Kroos had a great chance in the bomb he kicked, but Ter Stegen was there to block it. Benzema also had a similar chance, this time with the head, but the German goalkeeper takes the danger away once again. Meanwhile on the other side, Rakitic left Paco Alcácer face to face with Navas, but he sent it out. The duel was even, with the pressure divided.

At 13 minutes, after a corner-kick, Piqué jumped above everyone to almost score, but Navas was quicker in the defense. The game got harder and even in a tie, the result was uncertain. At 21, after a fail from Barça, in the left, Asensio took the ball alone and passed for Cr7, who sent it out. Iniesta didn’t like it and made a great pass for Suárez to try it on the other side, but Navas defended.

Barça seemed to be at its worst at Bernabéu but, at 27 minutes, Messi took the ball to the area and left it with Rakitic. The Croatian dribbled Kroos and kicked from outside the area to untie. After the goal, the fouls became more frequent and Sergio Ramos received a red card. Taking a chance on that, André Gomes, who recently entered the pitch, left Piqué face to face with Navas, but the goalkeeper became a wall.

The game reached its 40 minutes and the pace did not fall. And when the Catalans seemed to go too well in the fight, James Rodriguez entered freely in the area, received the ball from Marcelo and tied the game. But the two extra minutes made a miracle. Sergi got the ball in the defense, ran, left it with André, who made the pass for Alba to leave it with Messi. The number 10 kicked with confidence and untied it, giving the victory to Barça.