Neymar Jr.

Barcelona untie the game in the end and beats Leganés at the Camp Nou

Barcelona had a tough match against Leganés, this Sunday (19), at the Camp Nou. The team untied the duel in the end and guaranteed a 2-1 victory in La Liga, with two goals from Messi. The team will go to Vicente Calderón next Sunday (26), for a game against Atletico Madrid, also for La Liga.

First half –

Barcelona entered the Camp Nou to control the duel against Leganés. Soon at three minutes, Neymar Jr. found Suárez, who launched it for Messi to open the score. The team was on fire, not letting the adversary play. But at 16 minutes, in the first chance Leganés got, El Zhar received the ball in counter attack, tried two dangerous kicks against the Catalan club, but Ter Stegen saved the team.

At 25 minutes, Njr appeared once again to make another great pass for Suárez, who left the ball for Rafinha to get. But the goalkeeper was faster. Barça still had the upper hand and found chances and more chances in the pitch. At 35, it was the number 11’s turn to kick to the goal, outside the area, but Herrerin defended.

The match surpassed 40 minutes and Leganés closed itself in the defense, complicating Barcelona’s opportunities. In the last minute, El Zhar won another dangerous ball and made a good kick, but Ter Stegen, once again, jumped to defend and finish the first half.

Second half –

The second half began slower than the first one. Barça still had difficulties in penetrating the Leganés’ defense and the crowd grew weary. At 54 minutes, Umtiti lost the ball in the defense and Guerreiro kicked to tie the game, but Ter Stefen defended. At 58 minutes, it was Barça’s turn to arrive with Neymar Jr. inside the area on the left, but Herrerín also defended.

68 minutes and Neymar Jr. carried the ball alone through the left, passinf for Rafinha to enter the area dribbling everyone, until the goalkeeper stopped what would be a beautiful goal. Barça slowed down so much that at 70 minutes, Leganés won the ball with Machís, who only rolled for Unai to tie the duel.

The duel was coming to an end and Barcelona tried in every way possible to score one more goal, at least. But at 88, Neymar Jr. invaded the area and suffered a penalty. Messi kicked, scored and took Barça away from a defeat.