Neymar Jr.

Barcelona makes a hard game and defeats Levante

Despite the tight game on Sunday (7), FC Barcelona clinched a victory by 2-0 against Levante in the Spanish Championship. One of the winning goals, however, was made by David Navarro, defender of the opposing team and the other came from Suárez. Their next challenge will be Valencia, on February tenth, deciding for the semifinal of the Copa del Rey.

First half –

Barcelona started the game by scaring off the opponent, who, in two minutes takes a goal from Messi. However, the bid was an offside. Neymar Jr. almost had his chance, at 16, when he invaded the area from the left corner and risked but the keeper ended up saving.

To the misfortune of the Levante team, the first goal came from one of their own, at minute 20. Iniesta slid a pass to Jordi Alba, who crossed into the area. Nobody from Barça got the ball, but it hits the defender David Navarro and entered. 1-0 for the culé team.

Levante tried to run after the injury and Verza almost scored a goal in Bravo’s angle, in a free kick, but the ball went out. While ahead on the game, the first half was not easy for Barcelona. At 39, Levante almost scores again, after Morales gets face to face with Bravo, but the post was hit.

With no more surprises or extra time, the first half came to an end.

Second half –

The second half started with Levante taking Barcelona under pressure. Eight minutes and Messi scored another offside goal, making the game more complicated. During the first 20 minutes, Barça couldn’t seem to invade the enemy área and the game’s pace started to fall.

The MSN trio was noto n one of it’s better days, because in addition to not being able to find a space to finish, they were also extremely marked. The game was heading for the end with no danger for both teams and Barcelona got ahead with a tight result.

After 46 minutes, the final moments of the game, Messi ran out on a quick counterattack and finds Suarez in the middle, which sends it to the back of the net. After the goal, the referee blows his whistle and the game comes to an end.