Neymar Jr.

Barcelona is the new Spanish Championship's champion

Champions once again! Barcelona wins by 3-0 against Granada and it’s the new champion of La Liga! With three goals from Suárez, absolute top-scorer of the championship, the team won at the Nuevo Los Cármenes stadium and became the champion for the 24th time in the history of the dispute.

First half –

The first half was nervous for both teams. Barcelona needed a victory to come out of the stadium as the new champions of La Liga. By 12 minutes, Neymar Jr. received na amazing pass from Messi, but sent the ball too high, missing the chance. The match reached 15 minutes and no card was given, despite the pressure inside the pitch.

By 21 minutes, on the left, NJr made a pass to Alba, who gave the ball for Suárez to open the score at Cármenes. By 30, Barça dominated the pitch, while Granada seached for a chance to react.

By 38, the second came. Mascherano launched the it to the area Dani Alves accelerated to get the ball before it came out. Luis Suárez received and completed it with his head to score.

The referee conceded one more extra minute, but neither Granada nor Barça managed to shake the net again. Finishing the first round.

Second half –

The second half started just as the first one ended. Barcelona dominated the field and Granada ran behind the ball. By nine minutes, Messi fell and he, himself, kicked. The only reason the ball didn’t come in was because the goalkeeper did well. Granada tried to answer with Fran Rico, but Ter Stegen also did well.

By 15, Neymar Jr. received a great launch from Suárez, got face to face with the goalkeeper, but Ferández was faster, blocking the chance. By 19, it was Messi’s turn to make the same for the number 11, but this time, the play was na offside.

The pace got tense inside the field after a foul in Suárez. Piqué and Granada’s goalkeeper received a yellow card for reclamation. Soon after the confusion, Mascherano was forced to be substituted by Mathieu, forfeeling heavy pains in the leg.

By 41, Messi made a pass to to Neymar Jr., who, face to face with the goalkeeper, gave a goal as a presente for Luis Suárez to complete his 40th goal in the championship. The referee whistles, the crowd goes wild.

Barcelona is the new Champion!