Neymar Jr.

Barcelona draws on their first game of 2016

2016 began to FC Barcelona! On their first match in the year, Neymar Jr. and the Catalan team made a draw by 0-0, this Saturday (02), at the Cornellà stadium, against Espanyol. The next challenge of the team will be January sixth, again against Espanyol, in the quarter-final of the King's Cup.


First half -

Espanyol did not give peace to Barcelona on the first half. The Catalans could not find their space inside the penalty box. After 10 minutes, Suarez managed to make the launch for Jordi Alba, who had the opportunity to put it into the networks, but kicked it too weak on the ball.

After 18 minutes, Barça almost opened the score. Neymar Jr., in the area, exchanged passes with Messi and crossed for Luis Suarez to try and finish, but the ball got out. With 26 minutes, Espanyol caused danger. On a corner kick, Alvaro kicks the ball in the post and Bravo punches it away. The striker, Caicedo, tried to take advantage of the rebound, but Busquets kicks the ball away from the area.

With 30 minutes, Espanyol seemed to bet on fouls to stop Barcelona. In one of the free kicks on the edge of the area, Messi went close to scoring, but the ball hit the crossbar and got out. The game was coming to an end and neither team seemed to change the draw.

Iniesta, at 43, received at the entrance of the area, from Messi. He came face to face with the goalkeeper, but he anticipated, removing the danger for Espanyol. Without any time increase, the referee whistled, announcing the end of the first half.

Second half –

The second half started differently. In the second minute, Luis Suarez invaded the area from the left. In the confusion with the defenders, the ball was left to Neymar Jr., who is caught by the defenders while trying to kick. Barcelona not leave the penalty box and enjoyed every move to try and finish.

On the seventh minute, Perez ran with the ball from the right, dodging the defense he invaded the culé area, made the kick and almost scored for Espanyol. After 10 minutes, Barça missed a great chance. Suarez in the area, dribbled a defender and the goalkeeper, being free to the goal. When he kicks, he sends it to the crossbar and the ball jumps out.


At 18, Neymar Jr. got rid of the markers on the left, made the pass to Messi in the middle, who tried the shot from outside the area but the ball ended up in the keeper's arms. The pace of the second half began to slow down after 20 minutes. While Barcelona tried to penetrate the opposing defense, Espanyol took advantage of the counterattacks.

Neymar Jr. almost made a great goal after 30 minutes. The number 11 used the crossing in the area to send a left-footed volley but Lopez fell to the left to grab the ball. Too many fouls began to hinder the progress of the game and the match kept over at 0-0.

Barcelona pressured Espanyol on the match’s final minutes, but even with the two extra minutes, no goal was scored. At the referee’s whistle, the catalans’ first match of the year came to a goalless end.