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Barcelona defends well and defeats Real Sociedad

Barcelona made a tricky start but secured three points in the Spanish Championship. The team won by 3-2 against Real Sociedad and remains alive in the fight for the title. Messi scored two and Alcácer made the last goal of the victory. The team returns to the Camp Nou next Wednesday (19), for the decisive duel against Juventus, for the Champions League.

First half –

Two minutes into the game and the Real Sociedad arrived fearless at the Catalan defense. Piqué took the danger away and Barça restarted their plays at the Camp Nou. The squad maintained their calm and avoided Real’s pressure in the defense. At 11 minutes, when calm was lost, Yuri received the ball with ease and launched it, leaving Oyarzabal with a great kick, defended by Ter Stegen.

At 16 minutes, the calm returned to Barça, which built and incredible play on the right, with Alcacer and Suárez, letting Messi launch a bomb in the goal to open the score. At 20, with a more electric culé,it was the Argentine’s turn to leave the Uruguayan with a bigger advantage in the area. The player returned it, but the ball rebounded to Rakitic, who sent it back for Suárez. He tried a volley-kick, but the defenders blocked it.

Barcelona started to fully control the Camp Nou. So much that, at 36 minutes, Alcácer created another good play on the left, leaving with his heels for Suárez to kick. The goalkeeper defended and Messi scored on the rebound. In contrast, Real Sociedad remained fearless on the pitch and advanced. At 41, Oyarzabal crossed on the right and Willian José headbutted the ball in Ter Stegen. On the rebound, Martinez kicked and it hits Umtiti, scoring for the team.

In the next bid, without letting anyone breathe, Messi received from the rear and passed in half-moon for Alcácer to score his. The game continued intense, so intense that Barcelona’s defenders failed in the last minute of the first half. Willian José came from the left and passed for Xabi Prieto to give a geek and expand. The first time came to an end with an uncertain outcome.

Second half –

The game restarted with the same intensity, but it was Barcelona who arrived dangerously. Even though, Real Sociedad tried to advance little by little, troubling the Catalan’s control of the ball.

But even with both teams sweating their shirts to get a goal, the game got slower and filled with inconclusive plays for both sides. The Real Sociedad was the only team that tried nonstop to score, but they caused no danger, making it easy for the defenders’ job. At 38 minutes, Rakitic makes a short corner-kick with Iniesta, in which he returns to him. The number four kicks, but sends it out, in the only good chance of the second half.

Iniesta and Denis Suárez entered the pitch to make the difference, but did make too much effort. At 46, trying to close the match with the Golden key, Suárez ran to quickly be face to face with the goalkeeper, but Rulli defended the shot. Real Sociedad was better in the second-half, but Barça was the victorious one at the Camp Nou.