Neymar Jr.

Barcelona defeats Osasuna and gets na importante victory in La Liga

After three consecutive draws in La Liga, Barça gets a win. The team defeated Osasuna by 3-0, this Saturday (10). Suárez opened the score and Messi made the other two. At the 16th round, next Sunday (18), NJr returns from suspension and may face Espanyol, in the Catalunya derby.

First half –

The duel began evenly matched, with Barça seeking a victory in any way possible. At 12 minutes, Alba arrived by the left and launched it to Suárez, who turned around and kicked, but missed the shot. At 15, the Uruguayan left Messi face to face with the goal, who kicked well, but the goalkeeper prevented it. Barcelona pressured, but had difficult in scoring.

Barça dominated the pitch and Osasuna seemed only to watch. At 24 minutes, André Gomes passed to Suárez on the left, who found the number 10 once again. Messi tried to kick the ball over the goalkeeper, but Perez stopped him again. Times was passing by and Barça’s finalizations didn’t seem to work, making the game grow tense. The squad missed goal after goal and the result of the first half became uncertain.

Without both team shaking the net, after the only extra time, the first half stopped in the 0-0.

Second time –

Osasuna was hungry on the second half. At 48, Sergio Leon won the ball in midfield and took it close to the area. On the kick, the ball hit the pole. The owner of the house’s defense seemed to close out more, making Barça’s life even harder. Despite the obstacles, the azulgrana team kept the ball under control and sought their space.

The team insisted so much that the goal came at 58. The goal was the resulto f na Exchange of passes between Busquets, Messi, Alba and finally Suárez appeared to push it to the net. After the goal, the game’s pace got back to what it was, with Osasuna defending and Barça trying to breach it. And at 72, they breached it.

Denis Suárez, who suubstituted Turan, waited for Alba to passo n the left, made the pass and the sider launched it for Messi to score. 2-0 for Barça. Osasuna even tried to turn things around, scaring the Catalan crowd at 83, in a kick with Berenguer that Ter Stegen defended.

And when the result seemed certain, the Catalan team surprised again. After surpassing two players, Messi invaded the area alone, left the defenders on the ground, fooled the goalkeeper and kicked righteously to close Barça’s first victory after three draws in a row.