Neymar Jr.

Barcelona defeats Espanyol in the classic Catalunya Derby

And Barcelona remain at the top of the Spanish Championship! The team won the Catalan derby against Espanyol by 3-0, on this Saturday's duel (29). Luis Suarez opened and closed the score, while Rakitic left his goal in the middle. The Barça’s next challenge will be against Villarreal, next Saturday (6).

First half –

The first 10 minutes in Cornellà were marked by Espanyol’s advance and the constant Exchange of passes from Barcelona. The first good chance of the game came at 11, after Messi left the ball for Neymar Jr. to kick, but the defenders blocked it. Barça dominated the first 20 minutes, but Espanyol caused danger, especially in counter-attacks.

The game was accelerated and Barcelona got close to the goal, but the finalizations did not seem to appear. At 30 minutes, Messi raised the ball for Suárez to enter the area, but the Uruguayan decided to find Neymar Jr. instead of kicking and the play was offside. At 39 minutes, another big chance, Neymar Jr. found space to launch the ball in the area and Sergi Roberto almost scored with his head, but only managed to shake the net from the outside.

The game remained like this until the final minute of the first half, when the referee whistled anouncing the end.

Second half –

The duel became more balanced in the start of the second half. But Barça broke this. Jordi pressured Jurado on the left and the defender made a wrong pass. Suárez stole the ball, got face to face with the goalkeeper and did not firgive him. The score was open at Cornellà. The game started to get more complicated after the goal.

At 59 minutes, it was Neymar Jr.’s turn to make na incredible kick inside the area, but the goalkeeper punched the ball to prevent it. The derby went quick and the Espanyol tried to impose themselves, pressuring the Catalan defense. And with the pressure, some fouls took place. In one of those, Messi fell close to the area and almost scored in the free-kick if it weren’t by Diego Lopes.

But Espanyol did not hold it for too long. At 76 minutes, Neymar Jr. left the ball with Messi and the Argentine took it until the area’s entrance to give it to Rakitic. The Croatian kicked and made the second for Barça. And the goals did not stop there. At 86 minutes, Messi placed the ball in the area, Suárez dribbled the defense and kicked to make the third for the squad.

Barcelona still found many chances to score before the end of the match, thanks to the MSN Trio, but the fourth one did not come. The referee whistled and the Derby came to an end, with a victorious Barça.