Neymar Jr.

Barcelona defeats Eibar on La Liga’s 19th round

Barcelona took a little while, but conquered a good victory this Sunday (22), after beating Eibar by 4-0, at the Spanish Championship. Next Thursday (26), the Catalan team will head to Camp Nou, for Copa del Rey, for a decisive battle againt Real Sociedad.

First half –

The game began filled with goal chances for Barça and many fouls. One of them even took Busquets out of the game in less than 10 minutes. But Eibar didn’t let the match get easier, pressuring the Catalan defense too much. At 19 minutes, after getting rid of his defenders, Messi launched the ball to Luis Suárez, who invaded the adversary’s area, but missed the chance.

After 20 minutes, the duel got more complicated. Barcelona seemed suffocated at Ipurua, not finding its space. With 23 minutes, Ter Stegen saved the team after defending a beautiful kick from Pedro León and, at 25, he had to become a wall again. Meanwhile, the azulgrana team bet in free-kicks, with Messi almost scoring one more goal.

But Barcelona tried so much that, at 31 minutes, the goal came out. After an Exchange of passes between the MSN Trio, the ball ended on a rebound for Denis Suárez to kick and open the score. After the goal, the Catalans created good chances, but the ball didn’t want to come in. Three extra minutes later, the first half came to an end.

Second half –

Soon at 50 minutes of the second half, Barcelona scored another. Messi exchanged passed with Luis Suárez and ran to the area. The Uruguayan returned the ball to him with a launch and the Argentine made the second. Soon after, at 52, Eibar scared and scored a goal, but the flag was up, indicating the offside.

After the Strong rhythm of the second half, the game fell in pace, but Barcelona had total control of the match. At 68, redeeming himself from a few missed chances, Suárez stole the ball on the right and accelerated to score the third one. Neymar Jr. even scored his, but the referee saw it as an offside, inhibiting the goal.

But in the extra minutes, at 91, Neymar Jr. finally shook the net. Messi left the ball with Aleix Vidal, in the left side, and he launched it directly for the number 11 to finish the 4-0 rout at Ipurua.