Neymar Jr.

Barcelona defeats Celtic in Glasgow

Outside home, Barcelona guaranteed another victory in the Champions League. This Wednesday (23), the team defeated Celtic by 2-0, at the Celtic Park. Messi scored both goals. Champions’ last round of the year for Barça will be December six, agains Mönchengladbach. Neymar Jr. won’t play, due to the yellow card he received.

First half –

With a full Celtic Park, began the second game of the year between Celtic and Barcelona. By eight minutes, Messi launched the ball from afar to Neymar Jr., who invaded the area, cleaned the defenders and passed back for the Argentine, which missed the shot. Barça arrived in the enemy area with ease, while the Scottish took chances in counter attacks.

By 19 minutes, Barça almost scored again. Suárez got close to the area, found Jordi Alba on the left and made the pass. Jordi launched it and Rakitic almost shook the net with his head. And at 23, the goal came out. After Alba’s pass to Neymar Jr. in the area’s entrance, the player raised the ball, which covered the defense and found its place in Messi foot for the goal to happen.

After the goal, Celtic tried to pressure more, but Barça commanded the game. At 35, the Scottish team managed to arrive in the Catalan area with Dembelé, who made a good kick, but Ter Stegen defended it. As an answer, Messi made an incredible launch and Suárez headbutted the ball, but the goalkeeper defended well, stopping the chance.

Celtic kept trying and even got close to the Catalan are again. But they did not tie the game. After 45 minutes, the first half was over.

Second half –

In the second half, Celtic caused danger. With three minutes, the team had already kicked twice in the Catalan goal. At seven minutes, Forest launched the ball in Dembelé’s head and, if it weren’t for Ter Stegen, it would be a tie. But in Barça’s turn to cause danger in the area, the team scored. At nine minutes, Suárez got knocked down and the referee called a penalty. Messi kicked it and made the 2-0 at the Celtic Park.

After the goal, some fouls cracked the game a litte and then Barça decided to control the ball for a while, searching for spaces. At 22 spaces, NJr found one of these spaces, cleaned the defenders and found Messi in the center. Messi kicked, but the ball crawls out. Later, the number 11 stresses out Lustig and both get a yellow card. The player got substituted by Arda Turan and will miss out the next duel.

Even with Celtic trying to stop Barcelona’s exchange of passes, the Catalan team reigned superior. The game got close to the end and its pace started to get too slow. No more novelties and no more danger. The extra minutes rolled out and Barcelona was the winner.

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