Neymar Jr.

Barcelona defeated Granada by 1-0 in La Liga

The FC Barcelona played, this Saturday (29), at the Camo Nou, against Granada and got a 1-0 victory at La Liga's 10th round. With a grat bycicle goal scored by Rafinha, the team advanced in the championship and will return to the pitch on the next Tuesday (1), against Manchester City, for the Champions League.

First half -

The clock hit three minutes and Neymar Jr. was already face to face with the goal, until Ochoa appeared to defend Granada. Barça tested Granada's defense in search of spaces to score. By 12, Mascherano launched the ball and Njr had another great chance to shake the net, but the goalkeeper was at it again. 20 minutes into the match and Barcelona's pressure was absolute at the Camp Nou.

But the pressure didn't seem enough as the game ran towards its 30 minutes of 0-0. Granada closed its defense and Ochoa was acting like a wall in the game. Close to the end of the match, the Catalan team did their best to break that wall, but the goal didn't come out.

Without extra minutes, the referee's whistle finished the first half.

Second half -

Barcelona woke up in the second half and soon by 49 minutes, Messi invaded the area, left the ball with Rafinha, who kicked, but Ochoa defended. Neymar Jr. kicked the ball on the pole on the rebound, but Rafinha was there to make a bycicle kick to open the score. The goal set Barça loose at the Camp Nou.

By 62, Njr entered free in the area and received the ball. He kicked it, but Ochoa stopped the player once again. Granada tried to grow inside the pitch by taking chances in the Catalan team's mistakes. Even though, the azulgrená's defense didn't allow a tie. The 1-0 lingered throughout the match.

Neymar Jr. stole the ball after an attack from Granada by 78 minutes and accelerated to the area, cleaning the defenders. The player was knocked down close to the area and, in the free-kick, Messi sent it out, losing the good chance. By 81, Mascherano launched Suárez in the area, who headbutted to the goal, only to be stopped another time by the goalkeeper.

Without new great chances and good plays, Barcelona administered well the end of the match, guaranteeing the 1-0 victory.

Photos: Mundo Deportivo and Marca