Neymar Jr.

Barcelona defeated Atletico Madrid and qualifies for copa del Rey’s final

The classic between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid was complicated, but the Catalan squad guaranteed his qualification on the Copa del Rey final. With a goal from Suárez, the team tied the match, but, by points, conquered the final place. The next match of the Catalan team will have Neymar Jr. back on the pitch and will take place next Saturday (11), in La Liga.

First half –

Inside or outside the Camp Nou, it was hard to contain the crowd with such a crazy first half. With strike after stike, the classic between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona got each minute more intense in the Copa del Rey semifinal. Five minutes and Suárez received from Arda, dribbling Savic and almost scoring the first goal. Atletico didn’t like it and almost scored in the counter attack, after a play between Carrasco and Koke.

At 11 minutes, the Atletico got close again after a free-kick by Koke, when Griezmann raised his head to headbutt the ball to the goal, but Cillessen was there to defend. Barcelona felt pressured, but kept the offensive pace inside the pitch. With 27 minutes of game, Denis and Arda managed to leave a good ball to Messi, who invaded the are on the left. The Argentine made a bad kick and missed the chance.

With the first half of the duel coming to an end, the intense pace fell. The Atletico Madrid started to pressure less and the Catalan squad took a chance on it. To close the first step with a Golden key, Messi received from André Gomes in the midfield and kicked it. The goalkeeper defended, but Suárez was there to score on the rebound.

Second half –

The second half had a bit of a different begining than the first one. Both teams still risked a lot, but this time they seemed more cautious. Then, suddenly, Barça received two jumpscares. At 11 minutes, the squad was forced to play with only 10 athletes in the pitch, due to a red card received by Sergi Roberto and at 14, Griezman scored after a failure in the Catalan area, but the referee saw it as an offside.

The game kept running as cautious as ever, without great chances pulled out from both sides. At 23 minutes, Belga knocked Turand down and the referee pulled the red card out once again to leave everything equal in the field. Later, some fouls troubled the classic’s pace until Messi tried to calm everyone down with one of his beautiful free-kicks. The ball hit the pole and Suárez missed the rebound, losing na incredible chance for the Catalans.

But Atletico Madrid still had life at the Camp Nou. At 35, after a penalty made by Piqué, Gameiro missed his shot and right after, to redeem himself, he received the ball insde the area from Griezmann and scored to tie the match. In case the madrid team scored another, the Catalan’s qualification wasn’t going to be certain.

Both teams tried to the end, using fouls, wasting time, complaining and “almost scoring goals”, but in the end, Barcelona reigned superior and guaranteed his qualification in the Copa del Rey.

Foto: Manu Fernandez/AP