Neymar Jr.

Barcelona beats Sporting Gijón outside home

And Barcelona wins another rout for its collection. The team made 5-0 against Sporting Gijón, at the El Molinón, this Saturday (24). With two goals from Neymar Jr., one from Luis Suárez, one from Rafinha and another from Turan, Barça advanced in La Liga. The Catalan’s next challenge will be Mönchengladbach, this Wednesday (28), for the Champions League.

First half –

During the first ten minutes at El Molinón, the owner of the house gave trouble for Barcelona. The Catalan team rarely ever let the ball leave their feet, but also rarely got inside Sporting Gijón’s area.

By 19, Ter Stegen defended a kick and unintentionally got out of the area with the ball in his hands. In the free-kick, Victor Rodriguez kicked it in the barrier and ost the chance. And the game got close to 30 minutes with Sporting Gijón trying through counter-attacks and Barcelona becoming more dangerous. And that’s when, by 28 minutes, Arda Turan made a precise pass for Luis Suárez to drible the goalkeeper and open the score.

And it didn’t stop there! By 31, Neymar Jr. found Sergi Roberto in the right, who launched the ball to the area and Rafinha completed to the goal with his head. The game changed to 2-0 at the El Molinón. The game seemed tired after the second goal and even if Sporting Gijón found good chances to score, it hardly ever scared Barça, leading the Catalan team to the victory of the first half.

Second half –

The second half started a little like the first one ended. Both teams still tried to invade the enemy area, but without causing danger. The number of fouls also rose, troubling the game’s pace and finalizations.

By 60 minutes, Neymar Jr. fell close to the area and himself went for the free-kick. The ball invaded the area, Piqué and Piqué passe for Mathieu to shake the net. But the flag was already up, claiming it was an offside. After this, Sporting Gijón let loose in the pitch, trying to be more offensive, but this only provoked more fouls for both teams.

With the match coming to the end, the teams changed players to speed up the game. By 74, Neymar Jr. went for another free-kick, threw the ball close to the goals, where Mathieu got up, but the ball went out.

By 80 minutes, Neymar Jr. also left his. After another great pass for Sergi Roberto, the Spanish player left the ball for Paco Alcácer to score, but the ball exploded in the area. The number 11, very inteligent, got the ball away from the goalkeeper with his chest and kicked to score.

When Gijón thought it was over, it wasn’t. By 85, Sergi Roberto launched for Arda Turan to score and by 87, Denis Suárez made an incredible pass for NJr to make a Strong kick and score his second. 5-0 at the El Molinón and Barça returns home with another rout.