Neymar Jr.

Barcelona beats Rome

FC Barcelona had a great night on Tuesday (24) at the Camp Nou by beating Roma by 6-1 in a game for the 5th round of Group E of the Champions League. With bright night culé trident, Barcelona, ​​who secured his spot in the next phase, dominated the game and confirmed the field superiority with goals from Suarez (2), Messi (2), Pique and Adriano.

The match had great performance of Neymar Jr who took part in all the goals of Barcelona. At the end of the match striker missed a penalty, but not lost the brightness that showed on the field helping his teammates. Messi was also featured, being his first match in which he played the 90 minutes after recovering from injuries suffered in September.

There are 35 games unbeaten in the Champions League, Barcelona remains in 1st place in Group E and is isolated in the table to add 13 points after the great victory today. The next clash valid for the Champions League takes place on December 9 against Bayer Leverkusen.

The game

Barcelona took the field in an overwhelming way. With Messi, Neymar Jr. and Suarez, the Catalans put Roma in the field of defense and tormented the Italian defense and with less than 20 minutes the game was already 2-0 for Barca. With samples of what would come in the following minutes, Neymar Jr. had great opportunity but was offside and Messi very nearly scored on kick that went near the post.

Roma tried to move air in Dzeko's header out, but nothing that frightened the Barcelona. In attack on the right of Neymar Jr. to Daniel Alves, the Brazilian defender played for the arrival of Suarez that only knock the goal and made 1-0 after 15 minutes.

Involving Roma and taking game account, the culé trident was flawless in the second goal. Neymar Jr. and Messi exchanged passes until Suarez with an assist leave the 10 Argentine shirt in front of the goal. Messi hid the goalkeeper and scored the second goal of the game and ordered his return to the pitch of engaging way. Barcelona 2 0.

Throughout the game the climate cooled, but Barcelona continued taking advantage of opportunities against Roma. So much so that another goal was scored before the end of the first half. Neymar Jr. crossed the area, the defense turned and Suarez scored a great goal from right leg making Barcelona 3-0.

On the way back to the field for the second time dispute, Roma threatened to reduce the lead from Barcelona with beautiful shot from Falqué. The goalkeeper of Barca stretched around and with his right hand provented the goal. But on the other side of the field who did not prevent another Barca's goal was Szczesny. A wonderful exchange of passes between Neymar Jr., Suarez and Messi, the number 10 gave assistance to Piqué. 4 0.

But that did not stop the show the team of Luis Enrique gave the Camp Nou. Neymar Jr. dominated the ball so incredible, and played for Suarez in the middle of the area to find Messi. The number 10 kicked but the keeper of Rome defended but, on the rebound, Messi made Barcelona 5-0; and this was the second goal of the Argentine in the game.

Neymar Jr. until then participated in all of Barcelona's goal and had two great opportunities to make his goal, the first in individual play and the second, when he suffered a penalty that he kicked. The goalkeeper saved it on the rebound, Adriano appeared and kicked with his left leg. Barcelona 6-0, after 32 minutes.

But then another penalty was marked in the game, but for Rome. Dzeko was fouled inside the box by Varmaelen. Dzeko chose the left side of the goal, but Ter Stegen stretched around and avoided the goal.

Despite the defense of Ter Stegen, Roma made their goal of honor after 46 minutes. Digne crossed from the left as Dzeko climbed higher than Vermaelen and made head to close the score of the match valid for the Champions, with a victory of 6-1, for Barcelona.