Neymar Jr.

Barcelona beats Málaga and approaches La Liga’s leadership

Barcelona comes closer to the leadership of the Spanish Championship with today’s victory at La Rosaleda. This time without Neymar Jr., the team scored 2-1 against Malaga, this Saturday (23), with goals from Messi and Munir. The next challenge of the Catalans will be the Athletic Bilbao, in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey.

First half -

One minute of game and the first goal was already scored. Luis Suárez takes the ball to the bottom line and makes the pass for Munir to push to the goal. Barcelona got ahead at La Rosaleda. Málaga did not make it easy for the opponent. On the ninth minute, Charles deflects the ball after a cross and Vermaelen almost scores on his own goal.

During the first 20 minutes, Málaga pressed Barça, making trouble to the defense. At 14, after a corner shot, Castro kicks on the entrance of the area, but Bravo defends, sending the ball into the crossbar and out. The culé team was extremely marked and could not get into the penalty box of their enemies.

The Blaugrana defense committed some errors while taking the ball out, as after 28 minutes, when Claudio Bravo missed a pass, but the opponents attack did not finish. At 31, after much pressure, Mascherano barely took the ball from the defense and the ball fell to Charles. The Spanish left it to Janpi, face to face with Bravo, to make the game even.

At the end of the game, at 44, a last good shot for Barcelona, ​​Messi carried the ball and made the pass to Munir. The player made a weak kick and Kameni punched it for Barça’s number 10, which ended up losing the ball to the defense. At 47, no more surprises, the first half was over.

Second half –

Barça got ahead in the beginning of the second half as well. With six minutes of game, Adriano gets the ball in the left corner of the penalty area, finds Messi, makes the cross and the Argentine volleyed it to score. Málaga, pushing hard to emerge victorious, attacks Barcelona after 10 minutes. Castro crosses into the area, Bravo punches the ball and it almost falls to Charles, but the defense took it away.

At 16, Messi launches so Suárez can come face to face with the goalkeeper, but Kameni ends up with the ball. The pressure of the two teams that was big enough in the first half seemed to diminish, but the game was still difficult. At 23, Messi charged a corner shot, Arda went up and tried to set his head for a goal, but the ball was out.

Playing vicariously and opening spaces by exchanging passes, the game drew to a close and Barcelona kept the result. 42 minutes, Messi almost scored another. After a corner kick, the ball falls on the foot of the Argentine, kicking strong, but Kameni prevents it. The game went to 49 minutes, but the score did not change. Barça emerged victorious by 2-1.