Neymar Jr.

Barcelona and Real Madrid tie the classic at Camp Nou

Another El Clásico at the Camp Nou. Barcelona drawed by 1-1 against Real Madrid, in this great match that happened this Saturday (3). Luis Suárez opened the score for Barça and Sergio Ramos tied at the end for the merengues. Barça’s next challenge will be against Mönchengladbach, next Tuesday (6), for the Champions League.

First half –

The crowd was unquiet by the start of El Clásico at Camp Nou. At nine minutes, in a play between the MSN Trio, the ball fell in Neymar Jr., who launched it to the center, Sergio Roberto kicked it, but it went out. The game became too even and the tension started to rise inside the pitch. At 21, it was Benzema’s turn to take a chance in a launched ball, but he also missed the shot.

The game got close to 30 minutes and the pace started to fall. Some fouls also cracked the match’s performance, making it slower. 36, Modric stole the ball and passed to Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese ran to the area, kicked and Ter Stegen defended. In the next minute, CR7 had another great chance defended. Real Madrid started to strike with ease.

Close to the end of the game, Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema almost scored two goals for the merengues, but Piqué and Ter Stegen, once again, stopped them. After the danger plays, the game got slower until the referee’s final whistle.

Second half –

The second half started with a good play from the MSN Trio, that only didn’t become a goal due to the adversary’s defense insistence. At 53 minutes, after being knocked down in the left side of the area’s entrance, Neymar Jr. made the free kick that placed the ball in Suárez’s head and opened the score at the Camp Nou. 1-0 in El Clásico.

Even after the goal, the match was even and the result was uncertain. At 67, Iniesta, who substituted Rakitic, won the ball in the midfield ans took it to the area. He passed to NJr, who dribbled and kicked, but sent it out. If Real Madrid commanded in the first half, Barça had the second one.

With 75 minutes of game, Barça remained the most offensive in the pitch, finding spaces and arriving in the area with certain ease. At 81, na Exchange of passes between Iniesta and Messi resulted in a good chance for the Argentine, who could pass to Neymar Jr., chose to kick and sent it out. After a few plays, the number 11 got substituted by Denis Suárez. The player received a yellow card and is out of La Liga’s next round.

At 90, in of the game’s last opportunity, Modric made a free kick close to the area and Sergio Ramos rose to make everything equal. 1-1 in El Clásico. Barça tried and had a clear opportunity to untie in a free kick. But it didn’t happen. One of the biggest classics in football ended by 1-1.