Neymar Jr.

Barcelona and Juventus will face off in the Champions League’s quarterfinals

And the Champions League continues! This Friday (17) moning, the draw that decided that decided the next big duels in the European tournament happened and the FC Barcelona will face Juventus in the dispute’s quarterfinals.

After beating Paris Saint-Germain by 6-1 and making a historical ‘remontada’ in the championship, Barcelona remains very much alive in the fight for the title and might even get another ‘Triplete’. Last time Neymar Jr. and his teammates faced Juventus was in 2014/2015’s season, when they defeated the team by 3-1 and became the champion.

“It will be a hard battle, but we will prepare ourselves to be in our best condition to make a good game,” said Neymar Jr. about his next challenge for in the Champions League.

Besides Barça, other great teams will face off in the quarterfinals. Real Madrid faces Bayern Munch, Atletico Madrid encounters Leicester City and Borussia Dortmund duels with AS Monaco.

The Dortmund x Monaco and Juventus x Barcelona matches will happen in April 11, with the second encounter scheduled in the following week, 19. As for Bayern x Real Madrid and Atletico x Leicester, the first game happens April 12 and the second one in 18.